Platforms and processing models




  • X86: Windows and Linux
  • GPU: OpenCL and Brook
  • DSP: TriMedia PNX 1500/1700

Process Models:

  • Processing on main CPU together with client application
  • Processing on server PC and communication using metadata with PC that runs client application.
  • Processing on GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) while client application runs on CPU of thesame PC.
  • Processing on server PC equipped with up to 4 GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) cards.
  • Standalone (embedded) solution based on TriMedia DSP, communicates using metadata with client PC.


  • x86: CoreDue for processing of 2 to 4 channels depending on detection precision.
  • GPU: ATI 4850, ATI 4870 – 4 to 8 channels depending on detection precision.
  • DSP: TriMedia PNX 1500/1700 – 1 to 2 channels