Object Tracking Engine (OTE)

Analysis of live and recorded video from static cameras for surveillance and behavioral analysis



Analysis of live and recorded video from surveillance cameras

  • Excellent in chaotic environment. Stable detection and tracking of multiple objects.
  • Object differentiation, people, vehicle, property.
  • Behavioral analysis.

Support of all demanded scenarios and introducing new:

  • People tracking and counting.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Parking lot monitoring.
  • Abandon/stolen objects detection.
  • Perimeter, moving direction, sterile zone, etc .

Search of scene by description

  • UI for description of scene.
  • Immediate find of scene in storage, for example: car accidents, break of parking rules, grouping people, etc.

High performance

  • Optimized for GPU and DSP processors.
  • Great in real-time applications.
  • Specially developed algorithms for parallel computing, giving outstanding performance with GPU (Graphical Processor Unit). High performance using DSP processors.